The Dilemma of poor tenants in Muslim localities

A racket between the landlord and the property dealer is increasingly becoming a trend in Okhla area whereby the land lords have infinite supply of tenants in rows. The land lord after next month or more asks the tenant to vacate the room, the property dealer supplies a tenant from whom he charges an amount equal to one month’s rent. The land lord keeps ejecting tenants and property dealers who more often than not happen to be relatives of land lords keep earning commissions- a percentage of which is given to the landlord. The property dealer tries to extract exorbitant rent from the tenants badly in need of shelter! From day one the land lord usually would keep troubling the tenant under one pretext or the other. It is sometimes missing of something and some times’ false allegation of misdemeanor or doubtful behavior. Fahims land lord only yesterday alleged that he saw him naked outside the room. The list is long.

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