Muslim Leaders bribed by land mafias.Mullah-mafia nexus

This is a dangerous situation here. Every word of these self-style guardians of Muslims say is lapped up as divine revelation – as a gospel of truth. They may be learned in religious knowledge or worldly knowledge but their hearts and minds are ruined by vanity, greed, blind and uncontrollable jealousy, and deceit.

Today they are holding a demonstration at Batla House Chowk at Jamianagar New Delhi the largest single 100% Muslim settlement of 10 lakhs in the heart of City. The demonstration is being held by a score of Muslim and Islamic organizations. There are religious cum spiritual figures political figures- all of whom are based in this area being touted among the Muslims of India as heart and soul of 15 core Indian Muslims.

They are organizing this protest meeting against the Govt. ban on illegal constructions and encroachments being carried out in Yamuna basin.
The builder mafias have been filling up Yamuna River with rubbles and sand brought in tractors, trucks trailers, carts and tempos and has been selling off the land. Vast tracts of lands have been sold off on which thousands of houses and buildings cheek a jowl, have been constructed on every centimeter of it causing irreparable damage to the ecology and national heritage.. Recently the Delhi High Court has banned further construction and encroachments.

Few months back additional Station House Officer and other police officials of New Friends Colony Police Station was pulled out from the police post in cold blood and beaten up with iron rods which resulted in multiple injuries and fractures of skulls and back bones of the police officials. As a prelude a rumor was spread some constables have desecrated Holy Quran at Zakir Nagar market. Trained goons did the job in cold blood the reason being that the Additional SHO refused bribed and would not allow banned construction under strict High Court Orders.
All the conspirators have gone Scott free.

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