Escape goats for cheats

One day one Beg a regular client of Mr. Medi involved in scores of cheque bounce cases under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act and cheating cases asked Sheel to sign a bunch of papers consisting of reply and vakalatnama etc in deliberate absence of Mr. Medi. He informed Sheel that Mr. Medi had asked Sheel to sign the papers and identify the client before the oath commissioner and submit the papers to the court. Sheel was totally ignorant of the contents and was not given any time to go through it. Such situation of specious urgency is deliberately created.

‘Ah the client should not suffer for the fault of the lawyer- then the complaint to bar council against the erring lawyer for cancellation of license –and then show the judge that you have complained the matter to the Council and or police as the case may and the seek retrial and delay the case to tire the opponent into compromise.” Sheel said to himself.

Sheel refused


A writ to cone and fleece the poor

A writ application under section 482 CrPc for quashing of First Information Report filed on behalf of dumper driver involved in crushing of four T.V stars at Lodhi Road was dismissed by the Hoble Delhi High Court as premature and baseless. Mr Medi told the father of the accused that the writ was rejected because of incorrect translation of F.I.R done by Sheel for which the party was supposed to pay Sheel Rs. 150. The client had paid Rs. 25000/- to Mr. Medi a cut of which was supposed to go to a reporter of a Hindi newspaper who had roped in the client and borught it to Mr. Medi. Behind the back of client Mr. Medi would yell before visitors and acquaintances that that the party had’nt paid him a dime. However the father of the accused did not buy Medi’s cannard and paid Sheel Rs.150/-and shamed Mr. Medi.

The writ in question was destined to be rejected as it did not fulfilled the criteria laid by the Hon’ble High Court which says that the wrong should be apparent and patently on the face of record, else the first question the High Court raises is that whether charge has been framed by the subordinate court, the subordinate court may discharge the accused if it is merited.

The Magisterate’s ire

Mr Jain who is now Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Delhi flared up and gave Sheel a dressing down in packed court at Tis Hazari.” The summon clearly mentions the step by step prceduresmto be undertaken at this stage you were supposed only to mark your appearance- you have marked your appearance -filed application for Leave to Defend – filed replication all in one go and un-warrantly- You’d destroy your client’s case” The Judge yelled at Sheel. Sheel was mortified withe sense of public humiliation. The client intervened taking pity on Sheel. “It was all done by senior Mr. Medi Babuji is not at fault. ” He was Sheel’s client. Mr Medi had taken the fee and yet at the same time was so driven by blind and uncontrollable jealousy that he tried to put Sheel in trouble visa vis the court and the client

Endless bluffs

One day he asked Sheel to take a long date from court no 3 and asked Sheel to get exemption from personal appearance and take a longer date as possible, for one Mr Meta an accused in a cheque bounce case. “He told Sheel That Mr. Meta would pay him Rs. 300 for that and that he could keep all the money. Sheel procured the desired delayed date and the exemption after receiving severe reprimand from the magistrate. Mr. Meta is very angry the way you pleaded and he did not pay anything” His man was there in the court to observe you’
Ah Sheel took deep sigh “Cheats are cheats and so are their mentors.”
He said to himself.

The clerk escapes unhurt

Mr Medi kept a clerk -Mr Gupta just two days after I got associated with him. Mr. Gupta was around 50 years old. The thumb and index finger of his right hand was amputated by a cutting machine. He used to be a book binder earlier. Mr Medi retained him for one month and at the end of the month one day he created such a scene, He started throwing tantrums saying that somebody had tried to break the lock of his drawyer -hinting at Gupta. Now we are going to break his hands and feet”. Lawyers around started paying attention to the racket. Mr Gupta escaped from the scene.There was no qestion for him to ask for the wages.Poor Mr. Gupta had waited the whole month to attend to his wife who had recently been stricken by parlaysis