A writ to cone and fleece the poor

A writ application under section 482 CrPc for quashing of First Information Report filed on behalf of dumper driver involved in crushing of four T.V stars at Lodhi Road was dismissed by the Hoble Delhi High Court as premature and baseless. Mr Medi told the father of the accused that the writ was rejected because of incorrect translation of F.I.R done by Sheel for which the party was supposed to pay Sheel Rs. 150. The client had paid Rs. 25000/- to Mr. Medi a cut of which was supposed to go to a reporter of a Hindi newspaper who had roped in the client and borught it to Mr. Medi. Behind the back of client Mr. Medi would yell before visitors and acquaintances that that the party had’nt paid him a dime. However the father of the accused did not buy Medi’s cannard and paid Sheel Rs.150/-and shamed Mr. Medi.

The writ in question was destined to be rejected as it did not fulfilled the criteria laid by the Hon’ble High Court which says that the wrong should be apparent and patently on the face of record, else the first question the High Court raises is that whether charge has been framed by the subordinate court, the subordinate court may discharge the accused if it is merited.


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