Escape goats for cheats

One day one Beg a regular client of Mr. Medi involved in scores of cheque bounce cases under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act and cheating cases asked Sheel to sign a bunch of papers consisting of reply and vakalatnama etc in deliberate absence of Mr. Medi. He informed Sheel that Mr. Medi had asked Sheel to sign the papers and identify the client before the oath commissioner and submit the papers to the court. Sheel was totally ignorant of the contents and was not given any time to go through it. Such situation of specious urgency is deliberately created.

‘Ah the client should not suffer for the fault of the lawyer- then the complaint to bar council against the erring lawyer for cancellation of license –and then show the judge that you have complained the matter to the Council and or police as the case may and the seek retrial and delay the case to tire the opponent into compromise.” Sheel said to himself.

Sheel refused


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