The Magisterate’s ire

Mr Jain who is now Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Delhi flared up and gave Sheel a dressing down in packed court at Tis Hazari.” The summon clearly mentions the step by step prceduresmto be undertaken at this stage you were supposed only to mark your appearance- you have marked your appearance -filed application for Leave to Defend – filed replication all in one go and un-warrantly- You’d destroy your client’s case” The Judge yelled at Sheel. Sheel was mortified withe sense of public humiliation. The client intervened taking pity on Sheel. “It was all done by senior Mr. Medi Babuji is not at fault. ” He was Sheel’s client. Mr Medi had taken the fee and yet at the same time was so driven by blind and uncontrollable jealousy that he tried to put Sheel in trouble visa vis the court and the client

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