Milli council held a big public meeting at Ramlila ground.

Today also I visited the public meeting organised By Milli Council held at Ramleela Ground New Delhi.


Jamiatul Ulema Council demonstrates at Jantar Manntar Delhi

Demonstration held on 29.01.09 at Jantar Mantar

Demonstration held on 29.01.09 at Jantar Mantar

The protest demonstration was attended by at least 5000 Muslims from Azamgarh, state of Uttar Pradesh. They claimed that the occasion of martyrdom of the two youths is a landmark of beginning of a historical political struggle.

I felt like getting a hang of this historical meeting. They protested against what they said fake encounters of two Muslim students hailing from the state that took place at Batla House New Delhi last year which the Muslims here by and large claim that they were innocent.

There were a score of Islamic scholars, Muslim intellectual’s academics and politicians on the stage and some of them those speakers who made fiery speeches on Hindu oppression, I have always seen them as hard hearted wretched oppressors in their respective domain.

The Council is perhaps planning to contest the coming Parliamentary elections on its own as a couple of the politicians from Congress Party and Samajwadi Party announced that they are abandoning their party to join the Ulema Council…

They condemned framing of innocent Muslims specially educated ones on terrorism related charges.

Lack of seriousness on the part of demonstration was visible as they kept chatting, talking and joking as the speeches progressed, many sat with their back towards the stage and in small circles. A large number of them spilled over onto the lanes to pass time and have tea and snacks. Majority of the outstation demonstrators seemed to be in a picnic mood.


I was on my way to court when I changed my plans and decided to attend the meeting.

Today I am spent.Remained there from 11AM in the morning to 4 PM in the evening. Tommorrow I’ll write in detail. .



Top Muslim clerics cry foul: Identity crisis

Jamiat leaders with Congress President

Jamiat leaders with Congress President

The story goes like this: One Aftab Ansari employed with the Indian Air force and of course not the first ever employed with it, decides to grow a Muslim beard which the authorities say violating section 425 of Air force Regulation 1964, because they were not sure whether the religion of the guy really prohibited shaving off beard or made it obligatory to grow one, not that the religion should allow or not. The guy files a Writ to assert his religious right in Supreme Court of India.

Jamaiatul Ulma-e-Hind, a top Muslim cleric body takes up his case. In reply to SCI’s Notice the Central Government said that on the basis of findings of Army authorities it appeared from the Islamic literatures, treatises and holy books that growing beards is preferable as a tradition of Prophet but not obligatory. Now it was the turn of the plaintiff to file a rejoinder in reply and they would.Soon after the reply filed by the Central Government, the JUH started raising a hue and cry, holding audiences with media specially the communal Urdu vernacular press, Muslim constituents and organizations blaming the government of interference in religious matters stating that “it is not for the government to decide whether it is obligatory for a Muslim to grow beards or not ,it is not for government to classify and categorize Islamic issues” said Neyaz Ahmed Farooqui among others, addressing a large gathering at its Headquarters at I.T.O, New Delhi, on 24 January 2009.

This being a series of such meetings held this month. Raising the bogey of threat to Muslim Identity, the scholars called upon Muslims to guard their identity and for that matter their right to have beard.The acts of JUH in stretching a technical legal issue involving, a single person in one of the government departments and converting it into a specious identity crisis of 20 million Indian Muslims, for that matter Islam is in danger syndrome- the occasion, timing, manner and extent, twisting of facts and circumstances and stirring of communal passions- points to their intellectual bankruptcy and unholy objectives.

Hamas is Maligned. World’s helplesness is dangerous.

Palestine election

Palestine election

They say Hamas offered Israel 20 years of peaceful existence.

They say that during the six month of cease fire, Israel abducted 27 Hamas members of Palestine Authority Legislative Council and killed a dozen of their leaders.

They say Israel did not lift the 18 months siege of Gaza during the cease fire, which was one the condition of cease fire, leading to serious Humanitarian crisis– food, water, power medicine shortages.

They say even though Hamas offered to renew the cease fire.

They say Mr. Ehhud Barack , Israeli P.M. admitted that the pause of six months was a ploy to prepare for effective attack on Gaza.

They say Israel is engaged in a relentless struggle to take every thing from Jordan to Mediterranean sea.

They say Israel is obsessed to implement the Biblical prophecies about the Jews.

They say that Israel PM. had vowed to punish Palestinians for electing Hamas members of Palestinian Council.

They say that the U.S, Israel and west has never agreed to accept Hamas anything less than a terrorists.

that Hamas rockets have killed only 10 Israelis in ten years.

They say 1500 Palestinians have been killed and 10,000 wounded in Israeli bombings.

Amnesty International has asked Security Council to try Israeli Leaders for the crime.

Israeli used phosphorous bombs on civilian which will continue to take tolls for years to come.

Israel rejected the appeal of the whole world including the U.N.

Indian lawyers begins unrest.

lawyers protest

The Bar Associations of North Indian states compromising of states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi have announced complete strike on January.19. 2009.

This is first co-coordinated effort by Bar Associations of India to oppose the Bill which seeks to amend section 41 and section 309 of Criminal Procedure Code of India.

Different bar Associations in India has been resorting to strikes, quite now and then for the last couple of months.

Circulars and Bills issued on respective Letter heads of Bar Associations, warns of strict action if any lawyer were to be found violating the call of strike.

The lawyers of whole of India would again go on strike on Feb, 3.2009.They have announced nation-wide demonstration and protest marches and street corner meeting against the Bill on 18 Feb, 2009.

Mr. Alit Make, the Urban Development Minister, who once belonged to legal fraternity, in an interface with lawyers held at Partial House courts Delhi on 15Jan 2009 vowed to take up the issue with his colleagues in the Cabinet, the prime minister, and the president of India against the proposed Bill.

The Bill takes away certain categories of offences under sections 41 and 309 Criminal Procedure Code of India, which gives mandatory arrest power to the police.

Among the grouses of the lawyers is that the law if enacted will eat into their work substantially reducing their income. A sizeable income of the lawyers is generated by Bail related works.

According to the proposed amendment it would not be mandatory for the police to arrest the offenders involved in theft, assault, dowry related cases, chain snatching, and child abduction, pick-pocketing, stabbing, infringement of copyright and trade marks.

Human rights groups say that sweeping power of arrest in a poor country like India where 800million people some how manage to earn Rs. 20/- per day, the power punishes the delinquents and their dependents too harshly.

Thousands languish behind bars or tears an ends even after courts have ordered their release, because they are not able to arrange the security which usually Rs. ten thousand equivalent to 200 U.S dollar.

Lawyers say this will increase the incidence of crime and aggravate security related problems

Hamas is not terrorist.

Hamas volunteers

Hamas volunteers

The present mid-east crisis stems not from the Hamas firing rockets at illegal para-military settlements in southern Israel but Israel’s selective killing of Hamas leaders and blockade of 15 lakh Palestinians living in world’s worst densely populated concentration camps , during the period truce was in force, leading to serious humanitarian crisis, on the face of criminal silence and in action of the world community. The crisis could have been averted if they had somehow stopped Israe’ls even handedness.

Hamas is a legitimately elected government with rag a tag of security force . Suppose if the humanitarian crisis, at the same scale, was created in Israel, with Hamas systematically eliminating extremist Jewish leaders wouldn’t Israel have sent missiles and bombs into Gaza.

Simply because Hamas is Islamic, and leading a dynamic struggle against Israel’s subjugation including use of force does not make it terrorist group.

Israel is playing God. Pharoahs in Moses house.

Man man not God!

Man man not God!

I had said: “unless you take out the bones from each others’ throat, they’d continue to scratch each others’ face.” I thought it was Hamas. I was naïve. I thought that I had scored a point. I posted a question “Has Hamas asked for the Israeli bombings?”. My question set off fiery debates in various communities in the face book and elsewhere. I found myself ending up on the side of Israel invariably.



I learnt that bones in the throats of Arab, Palestinians on one side and Israel on the other side was located by the Arab League a decade back. And they had offered to take out the bone painlessly. They had offered Israel to return to it’s pre1965 position in exchange of it’s recognition by the entire Arab world.

In this age you cannot conquer land, keep it , subjugate people and assume the right to dictate and define the terms and forms of resistance the subjugated can wage.To top Israel has been resettling its Para military personnel in the occupied land with impunity to claim it permanently. Another term of the said offer was the sharing of control and management of Jerusalem, among the Arabs, Christians and Jews.

Israel may decimate one Hamas yet another more powerful and clever would be born.

Israel seems to be the only nation that plays God after U.S.


U.S presidents are the Pharoahs of the moden time, strong irony that paroahs are being procreated in Moses house.

And  then I saw a dream and after that dream I found new feelings and new insights coming to me.