Weaving 10 myths to remove 10 myths on Pakistan

pakistani terrorists10 Myths against 10 Myths on Pakistan. Pakistani Author of ” Case of Exploding Mangoes” Hanif weaves 10 myths on 10 myths he thinks are held by Indians against Pakistan.

The Times of India Sunday edition 4.01.2009 gave a prominent place to the author’s write-up.

Mr. Hanif tries to defend the indefensible .He puts words into our mouth, using those words as premises builds his arguments supported by baseless information of bricks of superficial and facts devoid of figures.

Hanif says “the alliance between ISI and Jehadis was a marriage of convenience which has broken down irrevocably.

No where in his write up he has used the word “terrorism or “terrorist”- a naked gloss over indeed. Contrast it with our position. We are categorical and specific.

We say more people have been killed by terrorist in our country than the two wars with Pakistan, the latest attack taking place in Mumbai in which around 600 civilians were killed on 26.11.208. The Pakistani terrorist belonging to Lashkar e Tayiba shot dead 600 civilians at Railway station 3 five star hotels and Jewish Kabad.

We gave Pakistan names of specific terror groups and individuals and locations of training camps in Pakistan.

In the first place how can a state have a marriage of convenience with terrorist organizations which is its own subjects, under its nose and territory? How can they exist in the first place nay to be allowed unless it is created, controlled and used?

Hanif says how much training you need to shoot civilians at random and blow yourself up.

The defense experts around the world opined that the terrorist operation in Mumbai, India that took place on 26.11.08 beats 9/11 in sophistication and complexities.

This apart you need a big infra-structre to sustain the terrorism industry and lot of training enabling the terrorists to carry out their missions across the borders with precision.

Hanif says that more soldiers have been killed by jehadis in Pakistan than the two wars with India and that Indian P.M can have the same degree of control that once Musharraf had in Pakistan if he became one like him and that the Nukes in Pakistan are no more in danger as nukes in India and Israel are from their extremists.

For a celebrated author like Hanif it was no difficult for him to get a figure as to how many soldiers have been killed jehadis in Pakistan.

Institutions in India are well entrenched with deep roots and well fortified. The Indian authorities are in much more control of things that any dictator in the third world can dream of.

Admittedly even after breaking down of alliance between terrorists and Pakistani establishment the ever mushrooming jihad groups could not be smashed and contained and their ability to strike qt will in the sub-continent and their growing mass support shows that there is a danger of nukes falling in the hands if not in immediate future.
The scenario in India and Israel vis-à-vis Pakistan is diametrically opposite.

Pakistan is admitting it inability although speciously to stop terrorist from carry out strikes across its borders and it neither will.

No option is left with India but to act decisively or abandon its responsibility to protect its citizens.


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