Israel is losing the media war.



Israel is not winning the media war says Ramzy Baroud the middle east expert and correspondent. The claim being made in various quarters is farther from truth.
The claim seems to refer to U.S. corporate media and its cronies and apers. That being so then U.S. corporate media has always been an arch foe of Palestinians movements, Hamas, socialist or communist. They have always branded every Palestinian military activity against Israeli’s military or para military settlers as acts of terrorism. . The single minded pro-Israel stance has defined major U.S. newspapers for decades. This is not something new.
Avi Pazner former Israel Ambassador to France and Italy said whenever Israel was bombing Palestinians, it was really hard to explain Israeli position to the west. But this time around everything was in place at least a week ahead of Israel went bombing Gaza. According to the strategy namely “Operation Cast Lead” women have replaced army officers, this time to face the world, messages are tightly crafted and controlled and ministers have been kept on short leash.
Israel had adopted the same sexy and underhanded mantra in the aftermath of it’s attack on Lebanon in 2006. Soon after the aggression Israeli bikini models with barely covered bodies flooded U.S. men magazines and tabloids.
Miss Ga Gadot the then Miss Israel frankly and honestly had admitted that the initiative was promoted by U.S consulate in New York to improve Israel’s war torn image.
But millions of people saw through all the media blitz and filters and craftiness and took to street in a collective act of passion to express their dismay without billion-dollar media-crafters having to arouse them.
Both Israel’s sense of victory at media and battle front is a brief illusion. Israel has won nothing except the haunting images of mutilated bodies, wounded, silent and screaming Palestinians and the dangers of long term repercussions.


Israel’s bombing of Lebanon in 1982 created Hezbollah which shamed Israel in 2006 , which mad defense experts around the world to say that syllabus in military schools has to be reconsidered. Its 2006 bombing of Lebanon converted a rag a tag militiamen into a major power broker in Lebanon.
U.S total commitment dedication to Israel’s security and Israel’s total dedication to cause maximum civilian casualty is constant and stationary.


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