Israel is playing God. Pharoahs in Moses house.

Man man not God!

Man man not God!

I had said: “unless you take out the bones from each others’ throat, they’d continue to scratch each others’ face.” I thought it was Hamas. I was naïve. I thought that I had scored a point. I posted a question “Has Hamas asked for the Israeli bombings?”. My question set off fiery debates in various communities in the face book and elsewhere. I found myself ending up on the side of Israel invariably.



I learnt that bones in the throats of Arab, Palestinians on one side and Israel on the other side was located by the Arab League a decade back. And they had offered to take out the bone painlessly. They had offered Israel to return to it’s pre1965 position in exchange of it’s recognition by the entire Arab world.

In this age you cannot conquer land, keep it , subjugate people and assume the right to dictate and define the terms and forms of resistance the subjugated can wage.To top Israel has been resettling its Para military personnel in the occupied land with impunity to claim it permanently. Another term of the said offer was the sharing of control and management of Jerusalem, among the Arabs, Christians and Jews.

Israel may decimate one Hamas yet another more powerful and clever would be born.

Israel seems to be the only nation that plays God after U.S.


U.S presidents are the Pharoahs of the moden time, strong irony that paroahs are being procreated in Moses house.

And  then I saw a dream and after that dream I found new feelings and new insights coming to me.

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