Hamas is Maligned. World’s helplesness is dangerous.

Palestine election

Palestine election

They say Hamas offered Israel 20 years of peaceful existence.

They say that during the six month of cease fire, Israel abducted 27 Hamas members of Palestine Authority Legislative Council and killed a dozen of their leaders.

They say Israel did not lift the 18 months siege of Gaza during the cease fire, which was one the condition of cease fire, leading to serious Humanitarian crisis– food, water, power medicine shortages.

They say even though Hamas offered to renew the cease fire.

They say Mr. Ehhud Barack , Israeli P.M. admitted that the pause of six months was a ploy to prepare for effective attack on Gaza.

They say Israel is engaged in a relentless struggle to take every thing from Jordan to Mediterranean sea.

They say Israel is obsessed to implement the Biblical prophecies about the Jews.

They say that Israel PM. had vowed to punish Palestinians for electing Hamas members of Palestinian Council.

They say that the U.S, Israel and west has never agreed to accept Hamas anything less than a terrorists.

that Hamas rockets have killed only 10 Israelis in ten years.

They say 1500 Palestinians have been killed and 10,000 wounded in Israeli bombings.

Amnesty International has asked Security Council to try Israeli Leaders for the crime.

Israeli used phosphorous bombs on civilian which will continue to take tolls for years to come.

Israel rejected the appeal of the whole world including the U.N.


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