Jamiatul Ulema Council demonstrates at Jantar Manntar Delhi

Demonstration held on 29.01.09 at Jantar Mantar

Demonstration held on 29.01.09 at Jantar Mantar

The protest demonstration was attended by at least 5000 Muslims from Azamgarh, state of Uttar Pradesh. They claimed that the occasion of martyrdom of the two youths is a landmark of beginning of a historical political struggle.

I felt like getting a hang of this historical meeting. They protested against what they said fake encounters of two Muslim students hailing from the state that took place at Batla House New Delhi last year which the Muslims here by and large claim that they were innocent.

There were a score of Islamic scholars, Muslim intellectual’s academics and politicians on the stage and some of them those speakers who made fiery speeches on Hindu oppression, I have always seen them as hard hearted wretched oppressors in their respective domain.

The Council is perhaps planning to contest the coming Parliamentary elections on its own as a couple of the politicians from Congress Party and Samajwadi Party announced that they are abandoning their party to join the Ulema Council…

They condemned framing of innocent Muslims specially educated ones on terrorism related charges.

Lack of seriousness on the part of demonstration was visible as they kept chatting, talking and joking as the speeches progressed, many sat with their back towards the stage and in small circles. A large number of them spilled over onto the lanes to pass time and have tea and snacks. Majority of the outstation demonstrators seemed to be in a picnic mood.


I was on my way to court when I changed my plans and decided to attend the meeting.

Today I am spent.Remained there from 11AM in the morning to 4 PM in the evening. Tommorrow I’ll write in detail. .




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