Muslims Meet on Big Poltical Change

A former Muslim Justice on dias

A former Muslim Justice on dias


Supreme Court Judge Mocks Human Rights activists

The Honble Supreme Court of India judge shri Ajit Pasayat branded human rights activists as animal rights activists and charged them as supporters of terrorists, while addressing a Conference on terrorism, organized by Indian law Institute in Delhi on 27.02.2009.

Rules of law, natural justice, equity, good conscience to a wise purpose deem an accused innocent until he is pronounced guilty. Do human rights activists come against convictions on the street?

Do they question process and rule of law and authority ?They do raise their voices against abuse of law and outrage of basic human rights of hapless victims.- a duty also cast upon judges who are moreover under oath as such.
By the same logic the legal procedures of review, revision, appeal, protest and curative petitions should be declared unlawful and anti-national and even the advocates who take the cases of purported offenders.

It is in-correct to see human rights groups solely in communal and caste perspectives, while there may be pseudo-human rights groups and the ones floated by criminals and racketeers, that asides they are the only hope for the most crippled and vulnerable segments of the society against persecution, oppression and exploitation by the state agencies and powerful private individuals and groups, in a country where culture of lie and might is right and crowd power dominate every segment of the society.

The remark of the honble judge came as no surprise to me. Most of our academics, professionals and experts are nothing more than mechanics. The development of their faculties is lopsided. They are not brought up on values and they are hardly inculcated love for truth and justice by their parents and teachers. It is all about becoming big men someday.

We have lots of people at the helm, judiciary no exception, that they are born with silver spoons in their mouth. They live in ivory towers and are as much foreigners, alien to the harsh realities of Indian life among others.

In fact the country needs more safe guards against state terror and subtle and crass forms of ubiquitous forms terrorism being spearheaded by fascist forces in which common man is involved

Israeli Ambassador to India calls Bluff.

Mr. mark Safer the Israeli Ambassador to India, in an interview to Indian Express, drawing a funny parallels asks: ” If say Kolkata was bombarded for a period of 6-7 years by even crude missiles from another country or territory how would India react?

Mr. Mark may I ask you what do you thin Kolkatan would do if ter5rorist gangs like the Stern Gang of which one of your Prime minister was Do, were to occupy Kolkata and banish Kolkatans for say 61 years now, and incorporates the same in Bangladesh and in order to claim the stolen property permanently claim the stolen lam by importing their people from Europe and Russia and make settlements on the stolen land, what do you think – Kolkatans would become Biharis and Madrasis because they are also Hindus. Do you think Kolkatan would allow the aggressors to sleep in peace?

And Mr. Mark, you probably have not heard about Indian National Army and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who attacked india almost around the same time Israel was created. Netaji is revered in India.

And do you know that in 1971 India captured East Pakistan and restored the land to the rightful owners and did not keep a centimeter of the occupied land, both the Opposing groups of civilians in erstwhile East Pakistan hailed the conduct of Indian troops?

Isn’t this a fact that the disputed land was forcibly and illegally occupied in 1948 and the sons of the soil forced to abandon their hearth, homes and chattels and belongings and forced out of their homes to be refugees for the rest of the time.

Mr. Mark Doesn’t international law permits arm resistance against occupying forces? and why don’t your restore the property to their rightful owners.

Mr. Mark further says referring to Iran nuclear ambitions: ” They are moving towards nuclear weapons now against who and what for?”

Can’t we ask the same question from You, the west and the U.S “against who and for what?

Your answer would be ” against the world at large and probably aliens who knows what, whom and when?

Lawyers unsuccessfully oppose new amendment.

The lawyers from other four courts of Delhi i.e. Kakardoma, Tishazari, Rohni and Dwarka came in a motorcade of 40 cars. Mr. Kola shouted from a mini-truck on the microphone asking us to come out. We were assemble in the lawn at gate no. 2 listening to speeches of senior lawyers about the demerits of the new amendment to section 40 and section 314 of Indian Criminal Procedure Code.

We went out. I climbed onto one of the mini-truck, where the president of our Bar and other office bearers were also present.

The motorcade made a round of India gate slowly shouting slogans against the government’s anti-people policies and the amendments. Nearly in 45 minutes we reached back our court where we were given again dozes of lectures and of course refreshments and tea.

They said that amendment was made thoughtlessly to protect the politicians who are increasingly coming under the scanner for a plethora of crime and corruptions.

The police have been given the powers which hitherto were exercised by the judges –Now the pit is not mandatory for police to make arrest in offences attracting punishment unto seven years. It is upto the police officer whether he arrests or not. There was wisdom behind giving the powers to judges of judicial scrutiny of the action of the police. It was a part of perfect check and balance system.

They said that aping west would be counterproductive because the caliber and character of Indian Police is known to everybody. It is a license to extortion and also to save the politicians from going behind the bars as they are increasingly coming under the scanner for range of heinous offences and corruption

Destruction of Arvalli range takes its first toll: Delhi’s winter

01aravalliThe early departure by of winter and strange weather condition during this time of the year is being linked to the flattening o Arvalli Range by illegal miners and encroachers. It is not a day’s job, not kind of activities that would escape the attention of authorities and politicians for so long. Our P.M had rightly alarmed the nation on Independence Day that one of the worst and most dangerous enemies of India is corruption. Yamuna is becoming narrower and narrower day by day because of the encroachments by political backed builders generating crores of Rupees.

They won’t be able to win the Himalayas because China is on the other side and on the other sides Taliban and Paki terrorists.

India is the land where the head is held high and they are free – these criminals not 800 million.

Muslim Meet claims start of political struggle of Indian Muslims

They held the public meeting at Ramleela Ground New Delhi, which is not more than 15 minutes walk from New Delhi Railway Station.

I got down at Khuni darwaza (Bloody Gate) Delhi Gate and walked 20 minutes to reach Turkaman Gate where they are holding the historical landmark Muslim conference under the banner of Milli Council – Delhi is dotted with Gates i.e huge structures of Sultanate and Mughal eras which serve as land marks – where Ramleela Ground is situated, a ten minute walk from New Delhi Railway Station and half an hour walk away from the historical Jama Mosques built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan, through cluttered, meandering criss-crossing streets and lanes competing each other in filth and congestion , consisting of pedestrians, cycle rickshaws, carts, bikes and encroachment on streets flanked by dirty restaurants, provision shops, beetle shops and workshops with noises of indescribable varieties hitting the eardrums. It may probably take days to cover the gigantic ghetto of Muslim localities of the walled city. The sprawling expanse of Ramleela Ground stands in sharp contrast.

The weather here is extremely pleasant -bright sunny, cool and windy – for the last few days.

The stage covered almost half of the width of the enclosed field with hundreds of special invitees
squeezing and squatting chock a jowl, most of them in shining white clothes worn for the occasion.

When I reached the ground Mr. Ahmedi the retired chief justice of Supreme Court of India was was on the mike ; ‘ The man who has one yard of land would not think of snatching from a man with 99 yards but the later would always like to make his 99, a hundred” He sermonised intermittently thanking the chairman Dr. Manzoor for honouring him. “Assert your right” he said. an not to encroach upon the right of other citizens because that is the real problem here in India Muslims all the more.
When I left one Mr.. Raje a professor of management at Jodhpur University in the state of Rajashthan in India was reading out the charter of demands that sounded like a nursery rhyme-reservations and commissions- a 10% in every thing.

Manzoor the chairman of Milli Council and a nearly a half dozen of them on the stage, are seen as rabid semitic and men of small thinking.

Perhaps they had expected a big attendance and had spread cheap green and red venyl carpets- half of the width of the ground and on the spare area posse of policemen lazied, basked in the sweet sunlight and chatted among themselves in groups.
This one was also was touted as a big historically landmark socio-political event for the Indian Muslims. The crowd almost cent percent consisted of Muslims brought inn chatterer buses from the different Muslim loclities of Delhi and state of Uttarpradesh. There were few people who came on their own.If Muslim from the adjoining walled city had turned up the ground would have spilled over for that matter there was no parking problem.

The un-applauding crowd listened with moronic detachment to the speeches of stalwarts many of whom have climbed the ladder of Muslim leadership by sheer force of Saudi Black Dollar and many among them are seen by independent Muslims as charlatans and Shylock’s.

One of the star stalwart speakers Mr Owasisi a cleric asked Muslims to become like bees around the queen and follow unquestionably to the dictates of Milli Council office bearers.

I left the meeting bored and un-lightened rather full of questions and doubts.