Muslim Meet claims start of political struggle of Indian Muslims

They held the public meeting at Ramleela Ground New Delhi, which is not more than 15 minutes walk from New Delhi Railway Station.

I got down at Khuni darwaza (Bloody Gate) Delhi Gate and walked 20 minutes to reach Turkaman Gate where they are holding the historical landmark Muslim conference under the banner of Milli Council – Delhi is dotted with Gates i.e huge structures of Sultanate and Mughal eras which serve as land marks – where Ramleela Ground is situated, a ten minute walk from New Delhi Railway Station and half an hour walk away from the historical Jama Mosques built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan, through cluttered, meandering criss-crossing streets and lanes competing each other in filth and congestion , consisting of pedestrians, cycle rickshaws, carts, bikes and encroachment on streets flanked by dirty restaurants, provision shops, beetle shops and workshops with noises of indescribable varieties hitting the eardrums. It may probably take days to cover the gigantic ghetto of Muslim localities of the walled city. The sprawling expanse of Ramleela Ground stands in sharp contrast.

The weather here is extremely pleasant -bright sunny, cool and windy – for the last few days.

The stage covered almost half of the width of the enclosed field with hundreds of special invitees
squeezing and squatting chock a jowl, most of them in shining white clothes worn for the occasion.

When I reached the ground Mr. Ahmedi the retired chief justice of Supreme Court of India was was on the mike ; ‘ The man who has one yard of land would not think of snatching from a man with 99 yards but the later would always like to make his 99, a hundred” He sermonised intermittently thanking the chairman Dr. Manzoor for honouring him. “Assert your right” he said. an not to encroach upon the right of other citizens because that is the real problem here in India Muslims all the more.
When I left one Mr.. Raje a professor of management at Jodhpur University in the state of Rajashthan in India was reading out the charter of demands that sounded like a nursery rhyme-reservations and commissions- a 10% in every thing.

Manzoor the chairman of Milli Council and a nearly a half dozen of them on the stage, are seen as rabid semitic and men of small thinking.

Perhaps they had expected a big attendance and had spread cheap green and red venyl carpets- half of the width of the ground and on the spare area posse of policemen lazied, basked in the sweet sunlight and chatted among themselves in groups.
This one was also was touted as a big historically landmark socio-political event for the Indian Muslims. The crowd almost cent percent consisted of Muslims brought inn chatterer buses from the different Muslim loclities of Delhi and state of Uttarpradesh. There were few people who came on their own.If Muslim from the adjoining walled city had turned up the ground would have spilled over for that matter there was no parking problem.

The un-applauding crowd listened with moronic detachment to the speeches of stalwarts many of whom have climbed the ladder of Muslim leadership by sheer force of Saudi Black Dollar and many among them are seen by independent Muslims as charlatans and Shylock’s.

One of the star stalwart speakers Mr Owasisi a cleric asked Muslims to become like bees around the queen and follow unquestionably to the dictates of Milli Council office bearers.

I left the meeting bored and un-lightened rather full of questions and doubts.

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