Destruction of Arvalli range takes its first toll: Delhi’s winter

01aravalliThe early departure by of winter and strange weather condition during this time of the year is being linked to the flattening o Arvalli Range by illegal miners and encroachers. It is not a day’s job, not kind of activities that would escape the attention of authorities and politicians for so long. Our P.M had rightly alarmed the nation on Independence Day that one of the worst and most dangerous enemies of India is corruption. Yamuna is becoming narrower and narrower day by day because of the encroachments by political backed builders generating crores of Rupees.

They won’t be able to win the Himalayas because China is on the other side and on the other sides Taliban and Paki terrorists.

India is the land where the head is held high and they are free – these criminals not 800 million.


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