Lawyers unsuccessfully oppose new amendment.

The lawyers from other four courts of Delhi i.e. Kakardoma, Tishazari, Rohni and Dwarka came in a motorcade of 40 cars. Mr. Kola shouted from a mini-truck on the microphone asking us to come out. We were assemble in the lawn at gate no. 2 listening to speeches of senior lawyers about the demerits of the new amendment to section 40 and section 314 of Indian Criminal Procedure Code.

We went out. I climbed onto one of the mini-truck, where the president of our Bar and other office bearers were also present.

The motorcade made a round of India gate slowly shouting slogans against the government’s anti-people policies and the amendments. Nearly in 45 minutes we reached back our court where we were given again dozes of lectures and of course refreshments and tea.

They said that amendment was made thoughtlessly to protect the politicians who are increasingly coming under the scanner for a plethora of crime and corruptions.

The police have been given the powers which hitherto were exercised by the judges –Now the pit is not mandatory for police to make arrest in offences attracting punishment unto seven years. It is upto the police officer whether he arrests or not. There was wisdom behind giving the powers to judges of judicial scrutiny of the action of the police. It was a part of perfect check and balance system.

They said that aping west would be counterproductive because the caliber and character of Indian Police is known to everybody. It is a license to extortion and also to save the politicians from going behind the bars as they are increasingly coming under the scanner for range of heinous offences and corruption

One thought on “Lawyers unsuccessfully oppose new amendment.

  1. The new amendments in the Cr.Pc however good is bound to fail, if judges continued to act mechanically, traditionally and on personal tastes and biases oblivious of the spirit of the law, object the makers of the laws had in their mind, principles of equity, good conscience and natural justice.

    The previous law required the police to act blindly i.e. register F.I.R, arrest the accused and investigate, and the judges to scrutinise and be the watch dogs over the police but that rarely happened. But in reality judges started applying non standardised self made thumb rules, bent upon denying bails.

    The judges started keeping the accused innocent or guilty behind the bars, by way of punishment randomly by them denying bails whereas Our Supreme Court ruled upteen times that an accused cannot be kept in jail by way of punishment by denying bail.

    The Idioms like “Good at giving relief” “Is not good at giving relief” “face value” “friendly court “and such are a part of everyday idioms used wholly in Bail related matters by all and sundry,.

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