Israeli Ambassador to India calls Bluff.

Mr. mark Safer the Israeli Ambassador to India, in an interview to Indian Express, drawing a funny parallels asks: ” If say Kolkata was bombarded for a period of 6-7 years by even crude missiles from another country or territory how would India react?

Mr. Mark may I ask you what do you thin Kolkatan would do if ter5rorist gangs like the Stern Gang of which one of your Prime minister was Do, were to occupy Kolkata and banish Kolkatans for say 61 years now, and incorporates the same in Bangladesh and in order to claim the stolen property permanently claim the stolen lam by importing their people from Europe and Russia and make settlements on the stolen land, what do you think – Kolkatans would become Biharis and Madrasis because they are also Hindus. Do you think Kolkatan would allow the aggressors to sleep in peace?

And Mr. Mark, you probably have not heard about Indian National Army and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who attacked india almost around the same time Israel was created. Netaji is revered in India.

And do you know that in 1971 India captured East Pakistan and restored the land to the rightful owners and did not keep a centimeter of the occupied land, both the Opposing groups of civilians in erstwhile East Pakistan hailed the conduct of Indian troops?

Isn’t this a fact that the disputed land was forcibly and illegally occupied in 1948 and the sons of the soil forced to abandon their hearth, homes and chattels and belongings and forced out of their homes to be refugees for the rest of the time.

Mr. Mark Doesn’t international law permits arm resistance against occupying forces? and why don’t your restore the property to their rightful owners.

Mr. Mark further says referring to Iran nuclear ambitions: ” They are moving towards nuclear weapons now against who and what for?”

Can’t we ask the same question from You, the west and the U.S “against who and for what?

Your answer would be ” against the world at large and probably aliens who knows what, whom and when?


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