Supreme Court Judge Mocks Human Rights activists

The Honble Supreme Court of India judge shri Ajit Pasayat branded human rights activists as animal rights activists and charged them as supporters of terrorists, while addressing a Conference on terrorism, organized by Indian law Institute in Delhi on 27.02.2009.

Rules of law, natural justice, equity, good conscience to a wise purpose deem an accused innocent until he is pronounced guilty. Do human rights activists come against convictions on the street?

Do they question process and rule of law and authority ?They do raise their voices against abuse of law and outrage of basic human rights of hapless victims.- a duty also cast upon judges who are moreover under oath as such.
By the same logic the legal procedures of review, revision, appeal, protest and curative petitions should be declared unlawful and anti-national and even the advocates who take the cases of purported offenders.

It is in-correct to see human rights groups solely in communal and caste perspectives, while there may be pseudo-human rights groups and the ones floated by criminals and racketeers, that asides they are the only hope for the most crippled and vulnerable segments of the society against persecution, oppression and exploitation by the state agencies and powerful private individuals and groups, in a country where culture of lie and might is right and crowd power dominate every segment of the society.

The remark of the honble judge came as no surprise to me. Most of our academics, professionals and experts are nothing more than mechanics. The development of their faculties is lopsided. They are not brought up on values and they are hardly inculcated love for truth and justice by their parents and teachers. It is all about becoming big men someday.

We have lots of people at the helm, judiciary no exception, that they are born with silver spoons in their mouth. They live in ivory towers and are as much foreigners, alien to the harsh realities of Indian life among others.

In fact the country needs more safe guards against state terror and subtle and crass forms of ubiquitous forms terrorism being spearheaded by fascist forces in which common man is involved

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