Gitmo inmates being used as guinea pigs

Inmate being removed after pain session

Inmate being removed after pain session

They were sold by their Pakistani brethren to U.S military contractors, for USD 5000/- per head and are being held in dreaded Gitmo speciously as hard core terrorists for 6-7 years.

U.S administration with former US vice-president Dick Cheney and former defense secretary Donald Rumsfield fought off efforts by handful of military commanders who tried to address the issue.

There hasn’t been an iota of doubt with the US administration about these innocent inmates not being even remotely connected with anything that has to do with terrorism.

These inmates have been caged to serve as guinea pigs to give information about their region, society and for a mosaic of intelligence purposes.

The fact of innocence of large number of detainees affords them no protection against routine tortures and pain sessions.

The inmates are forced to undergo intense torture and stress to ensure that information given by them is correct and also to retrieve information lost in memory.

The stunning fact was revealed by select military commanders who have served at Gitmo and Mr. Lawrence Wilkerson, a republican who has served as chief of staff to secretary of state Collin Powell under Bush administration.

Mr. Wilkerson revealed his information through an Internet posting on Saturday