Ghost Cat terrorising Muslims of 400 localities

The terror of the Ghost cat has been spreading farther and digging deeper since a fortnight now. Azans are being called from mosques at odd hours in night to ward off the devil. People are keeping vigil from roof tops, the whole night , passing sleepless nights.

There has been scores of attacks and hundreds of sighting.Yesterday the residents of Noor Basti beat up Shabana a dancer until she passed out. Somebody had spread the word that the black cat had entered her body.

The ghost cat reportedly attacked one Sharique of Telia Chowk yesterday another reported of seeing the ghost cat turning into a fox. Afzal of Arabic Madarsa was attacked inside the madarsa. The incidents is keeping mounting up.

The localities worst hit by the black shadow of devil and black cat are:Pandoli, Dhola Beri, Chalkana, Than Keri, Noor Basti, Choob Froshan, Mojhalla Mufti, Mohalla Ayi, nanota Nagal, Garhi Maluk, Shyam Puri Gopal Nagar e.t.c. There are 400 localities haunted by the ghost cat.

All attempts by authorities to dispel the terror of black cat and black shadow has come to nought. S.S.P Amit Chandra is fighting a losing battle in making the believers believe that phenomenon is nothing but hoax and a mischief. Faithfuls are swearing: it is real.

One Mr. Hashim a 6o year old hafiz ,and a long aquaintence reported to me that he had been to Saharanpur and he himself the black ghost attacking his acquaintence in full view of a score of on-lookers.