Inherent contempt for law and authority in Moslems

Jamianagar:Delhi; People here have an inherent contempt and hostility for everything and any thing that are associated with law and authority—lawyers simpliciter are no exception, nor the judges not to speak of police. In keeping with their mind set. On the other hand they are slave unto politicians-petty and all, religious and caste leaders and criminals and mafias of their packs – of course whom they see as their saviors a la-osama or just for the heck of it- governed more by sub-conscious mind and compulsive behaviors. Simple lawyers- the intellectual and gentlemen simple are extremely vulnerable. They have tendency among others to use the machineries they hate so much, against officials and concerned citizens.

Just give in. If you retort be ready for fist cuff no escaping. Just oblige- whether he is a hawker or those idling on streets or roads, or bike riders or car zooming past you have just narrowly escaped from being hit or have got hurt already. There is so much violence here but what irony the cause lists of MM shows 99% cheating forgery and theft cases. I did some research and found irrefutable answers. It is not police in-action but something else I’ll tell you later