Three Delhi judges attacked by rowdies

Attack on Delhi judges: Lawyers
threaten to stay off work today.
May 18, 2012
New Delhi: The lawyers at the
Saket district court complex have
called for strike today to protest
the attack on three Delhi judges
by motorcyclists.
The president of the Saket Court
Bar Association, Madan Lal, said
he had called upon all Delhi
advocates to stay away from
work if police do not take proper
action in the case. Two people
have been arrested in connection
with the incident.
He also said that such criminal
attacks on judges would not be
Condemning the lax police
attitude, Mr Lal said it was not a
spontaneous assault and that the
accused attacked the judges in a
pre-planned way.
Four motorcycle-borne youth
viciously attacked the three
judges on Thursday, leaving one
of them and their driver seriously
Metropolitan Magistrate Ajay
Garg and driver Chaman Lal were
hospitalised with head injuries
after the bikers rained bricks on
their windscreen soon after the
judge’s car grazed one of the
motorcycles, toppling two riders.
The incident occurred at
Dakshinpuri when the judges
were returning home from the
nearby Saket courts complex,
police said. Pleaze brother share it
with your friends this one and
others if any and show your
concern and solidarity.


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