S.H.O says: Police afraid in Jamianagar

Highly sensitive” from the point of view of
law and order; residents have scant regard
for the government and especially police;
tendency to overreact and indulge in
confrontation after getting united on
communal lines; more volatile situation after
Batla House encounter.” This is how the
Station House Officer (SHO) of Jamia Nagar
described the state of affairs in his area
before the Delhi High Court.
SHO Satyavir Dagar also admitted that almost
90 per cent area of Jamia Nagar is
unauthorised and the police required to be
“very careful” while dealing with such issues.
The affidavit was submitted in the course of
hearings on a petition filed before Justice
Hima Kohli. It had sought orders to the MCD
and police to take action against
unauthorised construction in Jamia Nagar.
On a previous date, the MCD had claimed that
the Delhi Police failed to make adequate force
available for carrying out demolition. The
court had then sought the area DCP to
respond to the civic body’s allegations.
Meanwhile, on the petitioner’s plea that there
was threat to his life from the builders in the
area, the court asked the SHO to submit a
status report.
Subsequently, Dagar filed two reports, citing
the situation in Jamia Nagar. Pointing to law
and order issues, his affidavit stated the area
had dominant population from a particular
community. “Majority of the people are
illiterate or semi-literate and they have scant
regard for the government, particularly the
police. They have tendency to over-react and
indulge in confrontation with government
agencies even on petty issues,” it read.
The affidavit stated that Jamia Nagar had also
witnessed a number of violent protests, in
which police personnel were assaulted and
public properties damaged.
“The situation has become more volatile after
the Batla House Encounter,” read the affidavit,
adding no building plans were sanctioned by
the MCD in this area since most of the
constructions were illegal. “Unauthorised
construction is a common issue and majority
of people have interest in it. Therefore, the
people of the area often get united on
communal lines whenever any mass
demolition or sealing drive are contemplated
by civic agencies. They feel targeted,
discriminated and alienated. In these
circumstances, police have to be very careful
and tactful while handling such matters,” said
the SHO.
This affidavit left Justice Kohli incensed. She
described the comments against the minority
community as “uncalled for and without any
cogent basis.” The judge asked Dagar if his
affidavit meant that the Delhi Police was
scared to enter the area.
The court then called upon a senior police
officer and Additional Commissioner of Police
(Southeast) Ajay Chaudhary showed up.
Chaudhary blamed it on “lack of
communication” between him and Dagar as
to why this affidavit was filed but seemed to
agree with the argument that police
apprehended law and order issues in Jamia
“Should I record this statement made by such
a senior officer that police is unable to
control law and order situation in an area of
the city?” said Justice Kohli, censuring the
two officers for adopting such a stand.
The judge also refused to accept this affidavit
saying this was not filed in terms of the court
order. “There are areas like Pandav Nagar,
Govindpuri, Seelampur where residents
belong to one community. How can the police
have a different take on only Jamia Nagar?” it
Chaudhary said police will take action as per
the law against the unauthorised
constructions and file a fresh affidavit. Justice
Kohli has posted the matter for July 24.


One thought on “S.H.O says: Police afraid in Jamianagar

  1. There are so many things that The police could not say i.e role and interest of politicians and community leaders. in violence and shielding the perpuaters.

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