Leaving the Law

Whether or not you realize it, your legal career is about to get eaten in the zombie apocalypse. The signs are everywhere; stories abound about

  • how law school isn’t worth it, economically;
  • deans are resigning in fiery protests and law professors are mouthing off increasingly about the scam that law school is;
  • the most positive adjective for law firm hiring the last few years is “lackluster;”
  • ginormous law firm implosions (Howrey and Dewey, anyone?);
  • clients screeching for, and getting, alternative fee arrangements; yet
  • billable hours requirements continue their climb, while pay declines, and
  • lawyer dissatisfaction of at least 50% (probably a lot more) of the profession.

If you don’t think this is a recipe for the zombie apocalypse in the legal profession, you’ve been working on the Curiousity rover for the last 5 years. Which is cool. Or living in Denial, Egypt. Which is not so cool. But the…

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