The day D.C Port Vinod Kumar Mehta was murdered.

Human Affairs

A quarter century has passed but Vinod K. Mehta, DC, Port Division, isstill remembered in the rank and file of Kolkata Police for the enormous courage that made himface this villains and also for the tragic end to this courage that would have probably won him a place in the pages of history.
It was one black morning on 18.03.1984 at around 11.45 A.M. some miscreants attacked V. K. Mehta, DC, Port Division, his guard,Constable Moktar Ali and others on Ramanajan Lane with bombs /brickbats and other lethal weapons. Mehta with Constable Moktar Ali, close on heels, faced these criminals who were equipped with lethal weapons. Faced with an attack, the duo along with other Policemen took shelter in side a mosque at Ramanajan Zone when the miscreants launched attack at the said mosque and demanded explanation from the Police Force.They were soon overpowered as the criminals took the mosque…

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