3 Christian woman stripped and paraded naked another face acid attack

Over a month after a Muslim
landlord allegedly paraded three
Christian women naked in
Pakistan’s Punjab province, a
court here has finally taken
notice of the matter and directed
a judge to investigate the
The Lahore High Court yesterday
ordered the district and sessions
judge, Kasur, to probe the matter
and submit a report within two
The three Christian women were
allegedly brutally beaten and then
paraded naked by armed men of
Muhammad Munir, a local
landlord said to be having the
backing of the ruling PML-N
party, in Pattoki area of Kasur
district, some 50 kilometres from
The incident took place in the
first week of last month.
The matter came to light a few
days after the Asian Human
Rights Commission (AHRC) issued
a news release to the media.
According to the victim family’s
head Sadiq Masih, the male
members of his family had gone
out on their jobs when the
attackers led by Munir entered
his house.
Munir demanded Masih to
produce his sons who earlier
had a brawl with him over a
cattle issue.
Failing to find them there, the
attackers took the wives of
Masih’s three sons with them.
Munir and his armed men first
disrobed the women and then
forcibly paraded them naked in
the streets.
As the women screamed and
shouted for help, some elderly
people of the village came out to
their rescue. They put their
turbans on the feet of the
attackers, pleading them to leave
the women.
After this, the attackers let the
women go but warned the
villagers and the victim family
against reporting the matter to
the police.


One thought on “3 Christian woman stripped and paraded naked another face acid attack

  1. I myself came across quite a few cases of stripping in Delhi in Muslim dominated Jamianagar though victims were all males and educated belonging to fringe segments living or staying here. All the incidents were motivated and innocent victims were maligned as thieves before being stripped and beaten up mercilessly. In one such incident a group of muslim lawyers practising in Patiala House courts and Supreme court and who are also senior members of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association were directly involved in the conspiracy. Victims were too overwhelmed for want of support to report the matter.
    All the victims were non-Bihari Muslims and nöne UPite Muslims.
    Believe there must be hundreds of such un-reported cases perpetuated by Muslims in Delhi on the sly.

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