Some Judgments on transit bail – anticipatory bail by court in whose jurisdiction arrest is apprehended.

Bharat Chugh on the Laws of India Citation Relevant Excerpts Page N1.
Pritam Singh v. State of Punjab – 1980 CriLJ 1174 (Delhi High Court)

“(4) The objection taken to my mind is entirely misconceived. The petitioner is a permanent resident of Delhi and is carrying on his business at this place. According to the First Information Report, the agreement for printing and publishing the book ‘Sachi Sakhi’ was entered into at Delhi between the complainant and the petitioner. The petitioner is apprehending arrest at Delhi, prima fade, therefore. this Court has jurisdiction to grant him not only interim bail but to confirm the same within the purview of Section 438 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Their Lordships of the Supreme Court in a case reported in Shri Gurbuksh Singh Sibbia and others v. State of Punjab, . have laid down the principles for invoking the

jurisdiction of the High Courts to grant anticipatory bail…

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