Local muslim culture

She shook her head left and right . He answered back. She repeated the act half a dozen time so did he. She rushed towards him in quick steps and nudged him with her nose barely touching his body what appeared to be a gentle attempted caress. She stood motionless frozen for a moment. She lifted her right leg in a bend of 90 degree and then straightened it. She repeated it with her left leg. Left-right, left-right over and over and again, her legs hovering and sliding up and down his body. He lay there on sand filled rectangular bed where the title holder is yet to construct his house. She walked straight upto the desolate street , took a turn towards the north , went ahead a few metres , stopped and and turned her face back gazing at him , took a few more steps ahead in a jiffy . She was there on the sand bed standing away form him this time – her body cut half into mild yellow and greyish white by the morning sunlight and the red brick house in ther north watching intently at him. Many of these assess and ponies are out of work because of Delhi High Court’s stay on further encroachments and constructions on the vast tract of Yamuna river gobbled up by illegal settlers. So the emaciated and sickly creatures have to fend for themselves and they roam the streets and lanes trying to find food in garbage heaps which rarely have any thing worth eating for them and everywhere in this grassless and treeless waste.

The calf as if propelled by a shock raised itself on his fours and pranced towards her mother’s tit. After fondling with her tits few times, he broke away and stood a little distance away. The truth had now unfolded itself bare perhaps . Perhaps the calf would not have any more of the bluffs. Mother’s milk had run dry.

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