The Clerk escapes unhurt from tongues and hands

Mr Medi kept a clerk -Mr Gupta just two days after I got associated with him. Mr. Gupta was around 50 years old. The thumb and index finger of his right hand was amputated by a cutting machine. He used to be a book binder earlier. Mr Medi retained him for one month and at the end of the month one day he created such a scene, He started throwing tantrums saying that somebody had tried to break the lock of his drawyer -hinting at Gupta. Now we are going to break his hands and feet”. Lawyers around started paying attention to the racket. Mr Gupta escaped from the scene.There was no qestion for him to ask for the wages.Poor Mr. Gupta had waited the whole month to attend to his wife who had recently been stricken by parlaysis .


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