The loose foot psychopath goons in our court

Yesterday The 27th of march 2008, Friday, at around 5 P।M in the evening Muzammil Khan who is a lawyer in our court – a burly ruffian, a puny face and bald head, on a mass of shapeless body called me from behind at the entrance of Thakur Onkar hall where he was standing. I was heading towards gate No.6.When I ignored his call he became threatening and shouted louder and became menacing. A sort of fear seized me. He was again up to some mischief. I retraced my steps back towards him nervously because of the fear that he would grapple and mishandle me in public. It would be a matter of great humiliation for me. As soon as I approached him he started making fun of me in his typical nasty style as if mimicing my natural gestures and postures in feministic style all the while touching my chin and body,ever now and then pushing me back slightly trying to provoke me into a duel fist cuff or wrestling . I am aorund 50 he around 30 or so. He has physique of a wrestler and I am of unsually frail constitution. As he got worked up and hotter I became nervous of ensuing humiliation and harm. At that moment only another lawyer Mr. Pandey intervened then he let me go.

A day earlier while I was relaxing after lunch in Thakur Onkar Hall and I was sitting with my eyes shut for 5 minutes or so. AsIopened my eyes I saw him towering over me and ogling at me. Without saying a word he hurried away!


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