The beginging of downfall as a lawyer

Could I have gathered so much honey, had I not taken so many bites?و علیکم

Chamber 3*** the number he never forgets and perhaps he would never. “I should not praise in front of him though but can’t help Mohammad Bhai sheel is extremely brilliant and I think he would make a mark in the profession. “ Mr. Kishan his senior said. Mohammed Bhai is film star in Tamil nadu and a flourishing business man there. He is a national judo champion. He had a date in Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court New Delhi in regard to one of his foreign visits.
Mr. Kishan treated him so well in comparison to others. It was a year then and he had changed- changed so much for the worst. Mr. Kishan would just look for an opportunity to humiliate him. He has been mercilessly pushing him around – bluffs after bluffs. “L never ask anyone to leave- I don’t care a dime if a person remains with me or not” Ahmed was sad and confused at the change of his seniors behavior. What went wrong “he wondered then one day he said “I would get the person board the Blue Van (jail bus in which prisoners are taken to Tihar prison) if he gets on my head too much. The situation for Ahmed became from bad to worst day by day. Then one evening after receiving earful and heart full pf public dressing downs he picked up his court, turned his back and left hurriedly without saying a word. But the thought always assailed him a lot as to what had gone wrong with him

Habib,s the 30 year old junior face assumed a haggard look as soon as Sheel set his foot in chamber 5* the other day .He stared at him questionably and disapprovingly lest he tried to get himself associated with his senior Mr. Shekhar . Both were regular visitors to the chamber of his previous boss. As Mr. Kishan used to route civil cases to him.
Habib’s gestures and postures were quite at odds with his previous ones when Sheel would drop in just to say hello, once in a while Habib used to be more than courteous and welcome. Habib would invariably insist upon Sheel to take seat and tea.
For a week or so Sheel wandered in court’s premises here and there then one day he came across Mr.Medi the 50 year old senior lawyer, near the portico of the main court building housing the magistrate and session courts, having his small cubicle of a chamber on top floor of New Chamber Complex. Mr. Medi is quite conspicuous among the lawyers because of his dwarfy height, loquacity, compulsive obsessive habit of lying and casting aspersions and ostentations inspite of being an almost briefless lawyer.

“Ah same to you- how is Kishan your boss?” Mr. Medi said

“I am no longer with him” I said

“Ah he is a bastard, out cast …dalit” Mr. Medi raised his voice to a crescendo
“Who showed you his door?”
“Nasim Sahib “I said

“Naseem! The Saqqa (Muslim caste of water carriers) he too is an out caste” Mr. Medi said.
“There is no mother fucker greater lawyer than me in this Court—there is no lawyers here only dalals – I belong to a royal family of Bagalpur- my grandfather was a judge there – any way you may join me – no never as junior –you’d call yourself associate of Medi ever – you report tommorrow”
After few days Sheel had joined Mr. Medi called the printer and asked him to get his visiting card printed. He haggled from Rs. 800/- a thousand to Rs. 600/- a thousand. the year was year 2002. after a week or so the printer brought two set of visiting cards one for Mr. Medi and other for Sheel. Even today i.e. year 2008 you can get visiting cards printed – of much better quality at Rs. 300/- a thousand. That was the begining of the wonderful stint with a great senior.


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